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Mobile homes were now becoming a popular option in British Colombia. Consequently, this owner will typically place their manufactured homes or trailers in a mobile home park.

Meanwhile, people may prefer this living as it is affordable and has many advantages. Subsequently, these houses provide the benefits of traditional houses. Additionally, people living in those parks are free from the hassle of tiresome maintenance and taxes.

Likewise, if you are heading towards buying a mobile home, you will find this parks list mentioned below helpful. Similarly, we are going to discussing the advantages, disadvantages, and common questions related to those parks in British Columbia, Canada.

Advantages of Mobile Home Parks:


However,  managing the cost of a mobile home is more accessible than a traditional house. Above all, according to the MHI (Manufactured housing institutes), the average rent cost of those parks in British Columbia, Canada, is relatively low compared to its counterpart. Certainly, Parks of mobile homeownership includes freedom from paying taxes, space from having to prove income, and freedom from high rent.

Turnkey Option:

Most importantly, when buying a mobile home, you have the option of purchasing an utterly ready one. Certainly, everything is prepared; all you need to do is hook it up with utilities. Above all, when buying a mobile home, you have the advantage of choosing the layout of your home. Moreover, another benefit is that while you live in a private dwelling, you can feel a sense of community. Subsequently, you may get a separate backyard, separate walls, yet interact socially with your neighbours nearby.


Therefore, mobile homes provide starter housing for families. Consequently, families can expand their manufactured houses as their families grow. So, it can be moveable to another site quickly.


Firstly, the newly manufactured mobile homes in British Columbia are eco-friendly. Secondly, they are energy sufficient and have a large amount of energy-saving insulations. Further, the kitchen, washrooms, and windows are all energy efficient. Moreover, these houses are manufactured with water-saving strategies.

Disadvantages of mobile home parks in British, Columbia, Canada:

Smaller space than regular houses:

Above all, homes in the category of transportable homes are typically smaller than the usual onsite dwellings. Most homes are 600 to 1300 square feet, approximately 20% less than in the average house.


The stigma all-around living in a “trailer park” exists. People may have a prejudice against the idea of living in a mobile home park.

Land availability:

Most importantly, owning a mobile home does not mean that you own land. Certainly, owning land in addition to holding your property is even more advantageous than owning the dwelling only. Above all, if you own the land, more options may be available to you.

Value depreciation:

On the other hand, the value of your mobile home will typically begin to depreciate as you start living in it. However, if you renovate it later, the cost will increase.

Benefits of investing in mobile home parks:

Meanwhile, since buying a big-ticket of them like a home or mobile home. Subsequently, it is crucial to have all the information in front of you—the benefits and disadvantages. During, this living has many advantages.

Low cost per unit:

Mobile home parks will charge you rent for the land on which you put your mobile home. Depending on which park you like, you may have a large property for a reasonable price.

Tenant is responsible for land maintenance:

Therefore, the maintenance of the land around the structure is the responsibility of the mobile homeowner. As a result, maintaining the lawn, shovelling the snow and garbage removal is the responsibility of the owner.

Demand increase:

That is to say, as more Canadians face financial hardships, the idea of affordable housing is becoming more attractive. In other words, that parks give the best opportunity to live in a suitable, independent place. To clarify the demands of mobile houses in well-managed parks are growing every day.

List of Mobile Home Parks in British Columbia:

1. Comer Hill Estates


560 Soda Creek Road
Williams Lake, BC V2G 5E7.



Comer Hill Estate is a beautiful and scenic mobile home park in William Lake, BC. Nature lovers will enjoy the 40 acres of parkland. This spacious park has more land than in mobile homes.
However, Comer Hill Estates, Mobile Home Park, is a spacious mobile home park in Williams Lake known for its homes with spectacular views in its park-like setting.

Price may vary according to square footage and other factors.

2. Gallagher Lake Village Park


Oliver, BC.



A short 10-minute drive from the city, this gorgeous place provides the best of manufactured home living. The location is environmentally safe and kid-friendly. The scenery is breathtaking, and the homes are mostly new. Located 15 minutes South of Penticton, BC and 5 minutes North of Oliver, BC

Price may vary according to square footage, location, and other factors.

3. River-Walk Manufactured Home Park


654 North Fraser Drive
Quesnel, BC V2J 1Z6

That is to say, River-Walk Manufactured Home Park is an adult-oriented Park located in scenic Quesnel, British Columbia. Similarly, the park is located along the banks of the Fraser River and connects to a linear park and walking bridge that is just a short walk to Historic Downtown Quesnel. In other words, the River-Walk boasts beautiful green spaces, mature trees and landscaping, paved roads, and very friendly homeowners. To clarify, you are going to love living here!

Therefore, the River-Walk Manufactured Home Park offers affordability, beautiful views, and a warm community feel; just ask any of the 41 existing homeowners! Frequently, enjoy the convenience of being just a short walk from all that downtown Quesnel has to offer. As a result, step off the property right on to the connecting riverfront walking trails and a footbridge that spans the Fraser River.

Price range:

An average lot of mobile home rent starts at $273.

4. Le Roi Mobile Home Park


3097 Van Horne Rd,
Qualicum Beach, BC



Scenic and affordable place to call home. A safe and calm environment for individuals and families.

5. Ambassador Mobile Home Park


3666 11th Street Rr 2
Houston, BC V0J 1Z2


A lovely place to live in Houston, BC. A safe environment, with ample outdoor space. Affordable place to live and close to the town.

6. Northlands Trailer Park &RV


10180 Hart Hwy
Prince George, BC V2K 5X6

This mobile home park in British Columbia, Canada, offers all the fun amenities on the site, including clubs, pools, and playgrounds. Excellent customer service and management.

7. Meadowood Mobile Home Park.Location:

2288 Gassoff Road
Quesnel, BC V2J 4E6



A calm and friendly place to live. A community for ages 55+ It spaced lots for rent at affordable prices. Amenities include horseshoes, laundry facilities and boat/RV Storage.


8. Kamloops River View RV& Mobile Home Park


4395 Trans Canada Highway East
Kamloops, BC V2C 4S4



That is to say, the beautiful site although, far from the countryside with the breathtaking views of Thompson valleys and river. Additionally, they provide amenities such as Restrooms, pull-thru, showers, pet welcome, winter camping, water on site, etc. they also offer winter camping. In other words,  fully serviced RV parks in reasonable condition are the best place to spend quality time.

9. Eldorado Mobile Home Park


4395 Trans Canada Hwy East Frontage Rd,

Kamloops, BC V2C 4S4



Meanwhile, a perfectly affordable and accessible site to live. During, the site provides a clean and safe environment. The mobile park has lots of friendly neighbours. Subsequently, featuring 2- 3 bedrooms each, with a unique floor plan—amenities for activities are 24 hours available, including pools, clubhouses, outdoor, and indoor spa.

10. Fraser Canyon Mobile Home & RV Park


50610 Trans Canada Hwy
Boston Bar, BC V0K 1C0


That is to say, this mobile park has set up among the mountainous region—the quiet and calm place with the fresh mountainous air. In other words a great environment for people who want to live in a rural neighbourhood, mountainous breeze, and controlled environment. To clarify the location provides the best set for mind relaxing and re freshening your soul.

Price ranges:

Pads for rents start from $309-$399/ month.

FAQs – Mobile Homes in British Columbia, Canada:

Is a manufactured home prone to fire?

That is to say, they may be. If the quality of the material is cheap, that is more likely to catch fire.

Are mobile homes for sale energy efficient?

Meanwhile, Yes! These houses are energy efficient. After 1976, HUD has introduced a variety of rules for mobile dwellings in terms of design, underlying energy efficiency, roofs and walls. During, the direct impact of the law is on the energy efficiency of the houses.

Is living in a mobile home a smart choice?

Likewise, to the increasing popularity of mobile houses, it seems that it is a smart choice. However, there can be several different reasons which make this choice worth it:

  1. Less time in moving.
  2. More energy efficiency.
  3. Cheaper in price.
  4. Unique design and quality.
  5. Warranty.

How do I maintain a mobile home?

Likewise, maintaining a mobile house is especially important as often, mobile homes are situated out of town, bearing more wild wind and direct sun rays. Similarly, it is necessary to maintain your mobile house properly.

  • Firstly, make sure that the mobile home is properly levelled.
  • Secondly, cover your roof with durable roof coating to prevent it from absorbing more sunlight.
  • Further, paint them with good quality paint to prevent walls and roofs from absorbing moisture from rain.
  • Moreover, regularly check your drainage system to avoid the hassle of clogging and blocking.

What causes the softening floor to mobile homes?

Firstly, The soft floor situation occurs due to the water damage problem under the floor. Secondly, this situation can be overcome by adding bidding, extra-base, or any layer under the existing floor. Thus, this will add more sustainability to the floor and prevent rot.

What features can we get in a mobile home?

  • Firstly, diverse floor plans.
  • Secondly, low utility bills.
  • Further, extra space for parking and porches.
  • Moreover, well planned and scenic communities.

How often should you level your mobile home?

Subsequently, it is essential to maintain a mobile house’s stability. After that, experts and mobile

What is the best skirting for a mobile house?

Likewise, in mobile homes, vinyl skirting is the easiest skirting. In addition to it, there are other skirting, which can be installed, concrete skirting, brick skirting, fabric skirting and lattice skirting.

How much does a concrete slab for a mobile house cost?

Similarly, the mobile house must be settled on a flat surface of a concrete slab. The approximate cost of a 1300 square foot property is $970.

Final Words

To sum up, as the growth and concept of simple living keep growing, the mobile home trend is gaining traction. There are many advantages of choosing mobile homes as an optimal mode of living.

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