Canada is home to some of the most beautiful water sceneries you’ll ever come across, and having a boat is the best way to experience it all. What’s more? Boats are ideal for fun activities like fishing trips and waterboarding. 

However, these water bodies are most often expensive to purchase and maintain, which can strain your pocket. Your dream can quickly turn sour when you can’t get boat financing options due to bad credit. 

With FEL Canada a call away, a bad credit score shouldn’t stop you from getting that dream speed boat. Read on to know how we can help you get the best boat loan rates, even with a poor credit rating!

Enjoy Boat Loan Regardless of Your Credit Score

A bad credit score may make some lenders finance you with stringent conditions. The good news is that we don’t fixate on your poor credit score. Our boat financing options are tailor-made to offer you a lifeline on your path to owning whichever dream sea vessel you desire. 

What Are the Benefits of a Boat Loan?

Tailor-Made Loans and Benefits

Our boat loans are better structured to enable you to get the best marine vessel for your needs. We offer more flexible payment schedules, sea trials, and warranty programs. All these will be included in your loan.

Faster Loan Turnaround Time

Boat financing from FEL Canada has a faster loan approval time than traditional banks. You may get approval within hours. The application process is also easy to follow and comply with. 

Excellent Financial Service

While regular financial institutions may dwell on the financial details, FEL Canada boat loans guarantee unrivaled professionalism. Our staff are there for you from applying until you purchase your dream boat. Reach out now for a great experience!

Competitive Interest Rates

Our boat loan rates are custom to enable you to make payments easily. This applies to secured and unsecured loans. You are free to secure the loan with the preferred vessel or other fully paid assets you may have.

How to Obtain a Boat Loan from FEL Canada

Now that you know what an excellent boat loan can do for you, here’s how you can apply for reliable boat loans;

  1. Know how much you need: Knowing how much you intend to borrow before starting any application process is essential. Having a specific amount will prevent taking an amount that may become a challenge to pay back.
  2. Commence the online application: Begin by filling in the application form provided. Remember to fill in accurate information; our staff will handle the rest.
  3. Have all the required documents: Gather all the necessary documents, such as your personal and bank account information. Our staff will assess the documents before approval.
  4. Consultation with financial experts: Specialized experts will carefully review your process and assess the amount borrowed. You’ll also agree on several loan specifications. In case of any issues, they’ll reach out to you immediately.   
  5. Agree to terms and conditions: As usual, you’ll receive the terms and conditions of your loan, which will include your agreed-upon monthly payments and the loan duration. Once your application is approved, the funding will be disbursed.

Apply for Boat Financing and Get Approval in Minutes!

Boat financing may look unattainable for those with bad credit scores, but this isn’t true when relying on FEL Canada. Go ahead and apply now to experience our flexible loan options, exceptional professionalism, fast turnaround times, and competitive boat loan interest rates. Let’s do this!

Secure Online Process

Instant Approval

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