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Whether you are looking for a personal loan, a business loan or a loan against your car or home, we are here for you. Remember, your past bad credit does not have to define your current and future loan options. We promise you a FEL Loan experience; easy, fast and headache free!

Whenever you need some quick cash advance you can always count on FEL Canada!
We serve in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and around Canada.

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What are Bad Credit Loans?

Imagine turning a financial struggle into a dream scenario with bad credit. That’s where bad credit loans come into play. Not the financial Loch Ness monster you might think, these loans are accessible even if your credit isn’t sparkling. Companies like Fel Canada offer a lifeline to those who’ve been turned away by traditional lenders, acknowledging that a poor credit score doesn’t tell your whole financial story.

Getting a loan with bad credit is difficult. Whatever the reason you may find yourself in a tough financial situation, we can help. When the banks turn you away, FEL Canada will welcome you in. We understand that a reduced credit score should not define the rest of your life. Good people fall on hard times, and we are here to support you through that.

Through our different loan products, such as personal loans, business loans, and car title loans, FEL Canada enables thousands of Canadians to reach their dreams. By providing personal loans, business loans, and asset-based loans, we make the cash available to finance your next business venture, give you the home renovations you have been dreaming about, or help you fix your credit with a debt consolidation loan.

When you apply for Bad credit loans, personal loans, business loans, or any of our other loan products, you should rest assured that your information will be safe and confidential with us, and you will be treated with the dignity and respect that you deserve. The ease and simplicity of our business loans and personal loans do not end with the wire transfer into your bank account. FEL Canada will continue to service your needs throughout the entire duration of your loan. Our customer service department will help you change a payment date, make an alternate payment arrangement, or assist you in paying out your loan early.

You are the CEO of your life, and at FEL Canada, you are given all the freedom possible. Do you want to make smaller payments for a longer duration on your personal loan or business loan, or would you rather make a payout sooner and make larger payments? Would you rather receive a larger, secured loan on an asset or a small, unsecured loan? Do you want to break your contract and pay out early? These are all options available to you, as you will find much autonomy in your repayment options.

The Importance of Credit Standing

Your credit standing is essentially your financial footprint. It’s what lenders scrutinize to judge your creditworthiness. Think of it as a financial background check, revealing if you’ve been a diligent or careless spender.

Common Misconceptions about Bad Credit Loans

Myth-busting time! First, bad credit loans aren’t exclusively for people with poor credit; they’re just primarily designed for them. Second, these loans vary in type and terms, tailored to fit different financial needs.

The State of Bad Credit Loans in Alberta Overview of the Financial Market in Alberta

Alberta’s financial scene is as diverse as its landscape, presenting unique challenges and opportunities. The surge in loan inquiries, whether in Calgary or Edmonton, reflects a growing need among Albertans for financial assistance.

Prevalence of Bad Credit in Alberta

The rising searches for bad credit loans in major cities like Calgary and Edmonton indicate a significant number of Albertans grappling with poor credit scores seeking financial solutions.

Current Factors Impacting Bad Credit in Alberta

Factors like job loss, high living costs, and unexpected medical bills have contributed to the increasing incidence of bad credit in Alberta. The pandemic, too, has played a significant role in destabilizing financial stability for many.

  • Fel Canada has emerged as a financial ally for those trapped in the bad credit cycle, offering a lifeline through bad credit loans and understanding that everyone deserves a chance to improve their financial standing.
  • Fel Canada is like a financial knight in shining armor, with a personalized approach to each case. They recognize the importance of giving everyone an opportunity to reshape their financial destiny.

Understanding the Application Process Requirements for Applying for a Bad Credit Loan with Fel Canada

Applying for a bad credit loan with Fel Canada is straightforward. Requirements include being an Alberta resident, having a steady income, and possessing assets for collateral.

Steps in the Application Process

The application process is as simple as making instant noodles. Submit your application, wait for Fel Canada to review it, and if you’re approved, the loan is yours.

What to Expect After Submission of Application

Expect clear communication from Fel Canada throughout the application process. They’re big on transparency and keeping clients informed at every step.

How Bad Credit Loans Can Help Improve Credit Status

Paying off a bad credit loan on time can significantly improve your credit score, demonstrating your newfound financial responsibility.

Strategies to Avoid Falling into Bad Credit

To avoid bad credit, budget wisely, cut unnecessary expenses, and ensure timely bill payments. It’s a financial wellness regime worth following.

Fel Canada is committed to guiding Albertans through their financial journey, irrespective of their credit history. They believe in giving everyone a fair shot at financial recovery and stability.

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  • Your car is less than 8 years old.
  • Your car is fully paid for.
  • Your car has a clear title (not leased and no outstanding loans on it).
  • Your car is insured, including collision and comprehensive coverage.
  • You have a steady income.
  • Loan you the maximum amount of money based on your vehicle’s value.
  • Deliver your financial loan quickly and hassle-free so you’re able to get on with your life without worry.
  • Build a relationship of mutual trust and respect.
  • Two pieces of photo ID (license and health card)
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residence (rental agreement, mortgage or tax bill)
  • Photos of exterior and interior of the vehicle
  • Clear photo of the vehicle’s odometer
  • Proof of vehicle insurance
  • Proof of ownership of vehicle
  • Void check
  • Five References



Your money is all yours. You may use your loan for renovations, debt consolidation, a vacation, or just for anything you choose to spend it on.

Yes, even with extremely bad credit, you can qualify for a loan if you own a paid out vehicle that is less than eight years old. Our loans are secured by the value of the borrower’s vehicle, so credit rating doesn’t matter.