Loan on Land for Bad Credit

At times you might find yourself in a financial crisis. You try selling all your assets, but none of them sell. If you have been in such a situation, then you agree with me that disposing of all your lands and assets is an ardent task. How can you redeem yourself then?

Have you thought of getting a loan? Did you know that you can get a loan irrespective of your credit score rating? Getting a loan with bad credit is a much better alternative than selling your assets at a throwaway price. Let’s break it down to you on how you benefit. In the first instance, you still have your land. Secondly, you get to achieve your goals without disposing of any assets. Fel Canada is the place that you can get such loans, which are processed within no time. We provide you loans with an upper limit of $50,000.

There are times when you need cash for an emergency but can’t sell any piece of land in your name. In such circumstances, individuals tend to sell valuable land at a lower price, to get enough cash, but that’s not a wise choice. Instead of selling your land for a lower price, opt for loans. No matter, what the size or location of your plot might be, you can easily avail a loan on a property and use it to fund any project.

It is the best way to save yourself from a financial loss, and you get to keep your land. Loans for land are available everywhere. Individuals can get one without lengthy paperwork, and that too at acceptable rates. Here is a precise guide on how to avail of a loan for land and where to use it.

How to Avail a Loan?

Before starting your loan application, you should sort out how much money you require and for what reason. It could be a financial emergency where you might not have enough to pay medical bills or need to fund your child’s education. No matter what you need, these loans could come in handy, but do figure out the exact amount you need.

With clarity about the amount, you can reach different lenders or banks to understand the prequalifying conditions. While meeting with lenders, check and compare loan terms and payment options offered by each one and select the one that suits you best.

With all the terms and conditions final, all that’s left is filling out the application. With FEL Canada you can get loans up to $50,000, which won’t take more than a few days to be processed. For us, the property size won’t matter. Even if you own a small piece of land, you can qualify for a loan with us.

Where can I invest the Loan Amount?

When it comes to investing the money taken through land loans, there are no limitations. You could use the money for any venture, including starting a business, funding someone’s education, paying bills, and more. People can even take a loan for land purchase.

You only have to be careful about paying back the loan amount. There will be monthly payments, which you must manage, otherwise, there could be negative consequences.

What Documents to Attach?

If you want to improve your chances of getting a loan, attach documents like:

  • Salary slip: Every lender expects their borrowers to present proof of their income at the start. So, attach your salary slip with the application. A stable income means you will be able to manage your monthly payments.
  • Papers of your land: Since you will be applying for a loan based on your existing land, attaching its papers is a must. Try getting an evaluation of your land to show its worth to the lender.
  • Proof of down payment if possible: In some cases, a down payment is beneficial. It could help lower the interest rate and increase your chances of acquiring a loan.

Can I Apply with a Bad Credit Score?

Credit score impacts most loan applications. Lenders are hesitant to give out loans to people with a low credit score as it increases the risk. Some lenders even charge a higher interest rate for borrowers having a bad credit score.

However, FEL Canada doesn’t consider your bad credit score. We provide loans irrespective of scores and ratings. So, don’t hesitate to apply at our website with a bad score. Taking out a loan with a bad score is better than selling your land at a low price.


With FEL Canada, you can secure an amount against your land. We don’t check your credit score or land size. Even if you own a single lot, you can get your desired loan with us. Our bank ensures you get the amount you require in minimum time and at affordable rates. So don’t give up on your dreams and land. Trust us with your assets and apply today.

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