Traveling in an RV allows you to see the country without giving up the comforts of home. If you’re ready to hit the road, FEL Canada can help you get rolling with a range of motorhome loans and RV financing to fit your needs.

FEL Canada offers a competitive variable interest rate with flexible features, allowing you to start paying off your loan while you plan your home.

Our RV loans are one of our most popular and effective ones for helping you get the things you want, without the wait or even having to worry about your credit history.

Bad Credit RV Loans: Get Approved Online Easily

According to a Recreational Vehicles Dealers Association (RVDA) study report, approximately 2.1 million Canadian households own an RV. That’s quite a number, but still, with the summer months fast approaching, the obsession with recreational vehicles and RV loans Canada remains, and it’s pretty evident.

Many Canadians who dream of quickly owning an RV despite their poor credit status now turn to bad credit RV loans. For instance, in Canada, RVs are a way of life; everybody wants to hit the road with them. Thanks to the inviting weather and fun places that allow for traveling and outdoor activities with an RV throughout the year.

Let’s look at how to get RV bad credit loan approval and why the loan is handy. We’ll also highlight more on FEL Canada. An excellent RV financing partner that doesn’t bother with your credit status.
Let’s get into it!

How to Get RV Financing with Bad Credit

Ready for finances but still hesitant because you don’t know where to start? Follow the steps below to get RV financing with bad credit in Canada.

Have a Budget

Whether you are going for a brand-new or used RV, a budget helps. It’s the best way to be realistic about your spending on the vehicle. You don’t want to borrow only to have inconveniences during repayments. Again, your RV will require additional costs like insurance, fuel, maintenance, and so on – factor in all these.

Choose Your Dream RV

Once you have a budget and a down payment (if applicable), pick out an RV that suits you and your loved ones. There are various types of RVs available in the market. Here are the best options to go for during bad credit RV financing:

  • Travel Trailer
  • Fifth-wheel RV
  • Utility Trailer
  • Horse Trailer
  • Truck Campers
  • Tent Trailers
  • Toy Hauler
  • All Class A, B, and C Motorhomes

Choose a Loan Lender
With poor credit lenders mushrooming in Canada, you want to be careful with whom you deal. As a borrower, look for loan terms, pre-qualification needs, expertise in service delivery, and customer reviews. FEL Canada is the best lender you can depend on for RV financing without any credit check.

Fill Out the Application Form

It’s online and easy to fill out from the start to finish. You only need a few personal, work, and loan details, and you’ll be done submitting them in minutes. The good thing is that you can contact the support team at this stage in case of clarifications or inquiries. To guarantee a smooth application, the private RV financing team will have all your questions answered.

Get Approved

RV loan approval is the hardest when dealing with community banks and credit unions. Multiple rejections will frustrate you. “Can you get instant online approval for RV loans in Canada?” The simple answer is yes. A reliable bad credit lender is all you need.

Why Bad Credit RV Loans Canada from FEL Canada?

  1. No Hidden Loan Conditions: Every part of RV financing, from pre-qualification to funding, is open and transparent. The loan requirements, terms, and conditions are readily available to all applicants.
  2. Variable Rates: The rates borrowers enjoy vary. We all have different loan needs, repayment periods, and capabilities. We try our best to understand your situation better than other lenders.
  3. Flexible Features: The allocated loan amount varies to accommodate each borrower. The same applies to the loan term. You get a favorable repayment amount within an agreed period.
  4. Secure, Simple, and Quick: Our financing is fast – 100% online with perfect security encryption. Every data you share with us is safe and secure. You’ll receive funds the same day or the next day.

Get Bad Credit RV Loans Customized for You!

Is it your first or subsequent bad credit loan? We are ready to give you an RV loan custom to your situation – a loan that’s as convenient to you as possible. Let us know what you want; we’ll have specifications just for you. Forget about the minimum credit score for an RV loan. Apply financing with us today, and enjoy the Canada RV lifestyle.

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