You may be fortunate enough to already own your dream home though you may wish to have additional funds on hand to help you attain your other dreams and goals as well. This can be done simply by availing FEL Canada’s home equity loan. Such loans have become so popular now a days in Canada because of the increasing home values.

A home equity loan can be a very helpful financial tool if you are in great need of a considerable amount of money. The home equity loan gives you necessary cash without losing your home; the loan provider agrees to lend you against your home but you still get to keep it.

How can I be approved for a Home Equity Loan, even if I have bad credit?

  • You should own your home.
  • The mortgage balance sould be less than 60% of your home’s value.
  • You hshould have a stable source of Income.


Our Loans are secured through your paid out vehicle, mobile home, truck, trailer, RV, horse trailer, boat, farm equipment and can range anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000. Don’t wait! Apply online now to receive your instant approval including your loan amount and monthly payments.

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Understanding Home Equity Loans: Leverage your Asset even with Bad Credit

Essentials of Home Equity Loans

You know that sweet, sweet sound when the furnace kicks on in the winter, or the gentle whispering of the breeze on the summer evenings? Yes, that’s your home talking to you. More than the bricks and paint, your home is an asset, a savings account steadily getting filled up with the years of mortgage payments. And what if you could tap into those savings a little earlier, wouldn’t that be compelling? Welcome to Home Equity Loans – your means to leverage your home while continuing to enjoy your quiet evenings on the porch. Here’s the low-down: your home’s ‘equity’ is the difference between the current value and the amount you owe. And the part where your eyes light up – you can borrow against this equity!

Factors Affecting Home Equity Loan Approval

“Alright, you got me curious,” I hear you say, “But is it that simple?” Well, to quote an old adage – the devil is in the details. Lenders look at a few key factors when you come knocking for a home equity loan. They pry into your credit score, analyze your income stability, and ask you to roll up your sleeves and dig up that old Home Appraisal report. A high credit score, steady income, and a well-maintained home increase your chances of approval. But what if the glaring red numbers in the credit report send shivers down your spine?

How Bad Credit Plays a Role in Home Equity Loans

We’ve all been there. The bad credit territory – our own personal financial horror story. But hey, wasn’t resilience all about braving the storm? Bad credit might tighten the rope a bit, but it is not insurmountable. Yes, traditional lenders might shy away, making it harder for you to secure loans. But is it the end of the road? No siree – pull up your sleeves and let’s get digging into the ways to combat bad credit dilemmas.

Navigating the Challenges of Bad Credit: Overcoming Home Equity Roadblocks

Impact of Bad Credit on Home Equity Loans

Bad credit, dear friend, is like that annoying pimple right before the big date – vexing and gets an undeserving amount of attention. A poor credit score can be a stumbling block and result in higher interest rates or even application rejection. But remember – where there’s a will, there’s a lender willing to work with those willing to work on their credit.

Rebuilding Your Credit Score: A Primer

Your credit score speaks a language your potential lenders understand. In the world ruled by numbers, it’s your spokesperson negotiating terms with lenders. So, a lower score means poor negotiation, right? Nope! It simply means it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get cracking on rebuilding that number. Start with monitoring your reports, fixing errors, and plan towards repayment of the outstanding debt. Remember folks, it’s not Rome – we’re not trying to build in a day. Moderate, steady improvements are the name of the game.

Role of Relevance of Credit History in Home Equity Loan Applications

A little trip down your financial memory lane can be an illuminating experience for your lenders. Your credit history is like your financial autobiography – it tells your story in numbers and gives lenders a peek into your financial behaviour. Hence, it’s relevance in loan applications. A history of timely payments, responsible credit usage, and prolonged account longevity can get lenders to smile at your loan application, despite bad credit.

Fel Canada: Your Ally in Securing Home Equity Loans

Overview of Fel Canada: Services and Solutions

Let me introduce you to your next friend on this journey – Fel Canada. Imagine a seasoned financial sherpa ready to guide you up the “Mount Credit Everest”. They’ve helped plenty traverse the tricky terrain of home loans and come out victorious. Fel Canada stands tall in the industry with services and solutions including home equity loans, bad credit loans, and debt consolidation loans. It feels like a breath of fresh air in a traditional finance ecosystem.

Products: Tailored for Your Needs

It’s not a ‘one-size-fit-all’ game at Fel Canada. Oh no, they believe in serving just the right size for their customers. Whether it’s helping you get that home equity loan with bad credit or consolidating multiple debts into one manageable payment, Fel Canada’s diverse range of financial products ensures you’re well taken care of.

How Fel Can Assist Individuals with Bad Credit to Secure Home Equity Loans

Now hold your breath! Because the magic of Fel Canada really shines in helping individuals with bad credit to secure home equity loans – kind of like your financial fairy godmother! Through their loan programs, they can help individuals with bad credit unlock the value in their homes, all the while offering reasonable and fair interest rates and terms.

Fel Canada’s Unique Offerings: How They Bridge the Divide for Bad Credit Holders

Fel Canada’s Approach towards Bad Credit: A Different Paradigm

Here’s where Fel Canada draws a line in the sand: in their approach towards bad credit. Unlike the credit ‘glass half-empty’ view adopted by typical lenders, Fel Canada believes in the ‘glass half-full’ perspective. They understand that past financial troubles don’t define one’s present situation or future potential.

Inclusive Services: Catering to Diverse Financial Profiles

Fel Canada doesn’t discriminate. They embrace financial diversity and cater to a broad spectrum of credit type profiles, including bad credit holders. They acknowledge your effort in trying to override financial hurdles, not just your numbers.

Empowering Customers: Tools and Services Provided by Fel Canada

With a focus on empowering its customers, Fel Canada doesn’t just make loans available. They provide tools and support to help their customers manage their debt better. Their financial wizards work with you to review your financial situation, crafting bespoke advice tailored to your circumstances. You’re never just a customer to them – you’re a valued individual with unique financial needs.

Say congratulations! Because you are now battle-ready to grab that home equity loan, bad credit or not! With all the insights and tips in your armour, and Fel Canada by your side, you’re like a warrior standing on the precipice of a redeeming financial journey!

Now, let’s give the spotlight to Fel Canada, your guide, and partner in this voyage. They not just exist to champion financial liberty, but to roll up their sleeves and get down in the trenches with you. I mean, how often do you find someone who says, “Your credit background? Nah, let’s put you and your needs in the foreground!”?