demagnetized credit card
demagnetized credit card

Demagnetized Credit Cards: What are They & Can You Fix Them?

Getting a credit card demagnetized can be a huge problem, but is there a way to fix a demagnetized credit card? In this article, I tell you the same and what makes your credit card demagnetized so that you can avoid your credit card getting demagnetized.

Demagnetized Credit Cards can be fixed by putting some tape on the magnetic strip. But this method does not always work, nor is it permanent. It will make your card last a little longer. It is recommended to get a new Credit Card instead of trying to fix them.

But, actually, there is a lot more to know about fixing a demagnetized credit card. If you did the wrong thing, you might even make your credit card worse. So, stay tuned!

Before we dig too deep into this topic, we must familiarize ourselves first with what exactly the demagnetization of credit cards is. You might be thinking your credit card is demagnetized, but it may not be demagnetized, so it is more crucial to have a piece of good knowledge about demagnetization in credit cards.

What is a Demagnetized Credit Card?

Let’s revisit our little science class from school. Remember how we were taught that when one magnet is brought close to another, it is prone to affect the magnetic field of the other one and, thus, removes the magnetic properties from it. Rings a bell? 

Well, that’s exactly what happens in our cards. When our magnetic stripe cards come in close contact with other magnetic material, it tends to act on the card’s magnetic field, thus making the card demagnetized and hampering your card from working. 

It’s a reality that simple and normal process that we sometimes tend to overlook causes harm to our cards. 

How do Credit Cards Get Demagnetized?

There are several ways a credit card can get demagnetized. We have listed out a few for you to know and avoid if you want to safeguard your cards – 

1. Close Contact With Other Magnetic Items

Like we mention above, strong electromagnetic fields is one of the main reasons for demagnetized cards as it ruins the card’s strip, so one should avoid bringing their cards close to items like your phone and cameras to avoid such incidents in the first place.

2. Close Contact With Security Systems

Security systems have high chances of damaging your card by demagnetizing them, so make sure to keep your cards in a safe place.

3. Close Contact With Household Items

It’s the little things that do most harm! In this case, things like your favorite refrigerator magnets, the metallic clasps on your wallets, and even your flashlights can cause your cards to demagnetize. So, try to keep it away from such items as much as possible. 

4. Extensively Scratching Of Magnet Strip

The cards can also be demagnetized if the magstripe of the credit card gets extensively scratched, probably by the keychain in your pocket or something else in your wallet. So, it is always advised to keep your card safely tucked in a separate pocket in your wallet or any other soft, cushioned place. 

5. Long Usage Of Credit Cards

The usual wear and tear. Yes, if you had a card for a long time, there are chances that the sensitive mag strip on your card has worn down and is now causing the hitches you experience while you are using it.  

How to Fix a Demagnetized Credit Card?

While getting a new card isn’t highly expensive, the process of applying and waiting for a new one can be quite tedious. So, while we recommend getting a new card as soon as possible, in the meantime, you can turn to the reliable friend – the good old’ clear tape. 

All you gotta do is put some clear tape on the magnetic strip of your card, and your card is good to use for some time.

However, we must mention this isn’t a permanent fix; the only way to get a perfectly working card is by immediately applying for a new one once you discover that your old one is demagnetized. But while you wait, a little tape won’t hurt you. 

There was a time when we couldn’t phantom the thought of stepping out of our homes without some cash in our pockets. However, that wheel has turned, and it is now a bunch of cards that sail that ship to the port. 

So, try avoiding getting your card to demagnetize, although we understand it is inevitable in most cases – we won’t be humans if we pass it through. 

How to Avoid Getting Your Credit Card Demagnetized?

Now, you may have magnetized your credit card (not recommended) or purchased a new credit card; you should know how you can avoid demagnetization in credit cards so that you don’t face this problem again.

Keep Your Credit Cards Away From Magnetic Items

Try to keep your cards away from magnetic items; these items include:-

  • Phone/Cameras
  • CCTV Cameras 
  • Refrigerator
  • Flashlight
  • Magnets on Wallets, Purses, Jackets, etc.

Use a Pocket-Sized Card Holder

As I told above, scratching credit cards or physical damage to credit cards is one of the most common ways to get a credit card demagnetized as it will make the data on your card unreadable and hence make it demagnetized.

So, try to keep it in a safe place where there are no other items. It can be your pocket where there are no sharp objects or in your wallet away from sharp objects. It is highly recommended to buy a cardholder as they are specially made for cards and avoid any damage to cards.

Replace Your Credit Cards

If your credit card is quite old (5-7 years), you may find demagnetization quite often. So, always try to replace your card if it is old, there’s no way you can stop demagnetization in an old card. So, replace your card to avoid demagnetization if your card is more than five years old.[/vc_column_text]



Does Magnet in Wallets Demagnetize Credit Cards?

Magnets in Wallets may demagnetize credit cards, but as its magnetic power is not strong so it will take time to make your card demagnetize. So, try to get a cardholder to avoid demagnetization in cards due to wallets & purses.

Can Your Phone Demagnetize Credit Cards?

It is technically possible that cell phones can demagnetize credit cards, but it is at the borderline. Contact of credit cards with cell phones (while usage) for a long time can demagnetize a credit card due to magnetic radiations in the cell phone.

What’s the Best Place to Keep Your Credit Cards?

The best place to keep your credit card is a Cardholder as they are specifically designed for cards and do not hurt credit cards. So, you’ll not face any issues like demagnetization, physical damage, etc. Cardholders are technically better than wallets in terms of protection & safety.

Demagnetized Credit Cards can be fixed by applying some tape on the magnetic strip but this is not a permanent fix, so you’ll have to buy a new card after some time of usage. 

To avoid demagnetization in credit cards, try to put your cards separate from magnetic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and other electrical devices. 

Also, try to buy a card holder as I have seen credit cards getting demagnetized often due to the magnets in wallets and scratching of cards due to other objects like keys, pen, etc.

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