1. Apply online through our website.
  2. Qualify you will get an automatic pre-approval via email with a list of necessary required documents.

You can qualify easily for a bad credit loan if you meet the following simple criteria:

  • You own their vehicle outrightThis means no liens on the car, you are finished making payments on the car and you are not leasing the car.</li?
  • You have a vehicle that is less than 8 years old.Except in the case of luxury vehicles, cars must be less than 8 years old to qualify</li?
  • You have a steady income
  • You have vehicle insurance, including collision and comprehensive coverage.
  1. Submit all your necessary documents through fax or mail or email :
    • Two pieces of photo ID (license and health card)
    • Proof of residence (lease agreement, mortgage statement, or tax bill)
    • Proof of income (2 last pay stubs or letter from employer)
    • Photos of exterior and interior of the vehicle
    • Clear photo of the vehicle’s odometer
    • Proof of vehicle insurance
    • Proof of ownership of vehicle (car registration, or car title)
    • Void cheque
    • 5 references
  1. Receive the cash you need wired directly into your bank account (Up to $ 25,000).